Murphy Ink

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Take the Body and Run

Body switching for revenge & profit.

Genre: Science Fiction (Year 2352)

Dr. Elise Sawyer has a health spa guaranteed to make a client slender and buff without a moment's suffering. Her secret? Body switching: she stores her clients memories and downloads personal trainers into their bodies. Wonderful for the unsuspecting client, but for the personal trainer...

L-87 is one of her enslaved trainers, her mind stolen from a dying teenager. Like all trainers she survives by obedience, enduring any pain to exercise her client into peak shape. It isn't a perfect job, given that her existence is illegal and her boss is a sociopath, but it's a life. Then L-87 is downloaded into the body of Dr. Cavalier Dublin...

Soon two men come looking for Cav: Gradin Turk, the romantic world chess champion who adores her; and Matt Everett, her ex-boss and president of Galco-Everett biotech, a dangerously narcissistic body builder with a genetically engineered pet rat. He wants Cav's secrets, and he wants her dead. It’s a battle over her body and the memories it contains, and before it’s done they must all walk a mile in each other’s skins, not just each other’s shoes.