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The Turkish Mirror

A story of love, betrayal, and forgiveness.

A Magical Realism journey across continents and cultures. From the streets of London, to posh Paris, to the effervescent blue of the Turkish Mediterranean, two talented artists flee a mythic curse.

Tatyana Trotoskov is a headstrong impressionist painter who runs from Paris to escape the tyranny of her politically powerful father. She lands in Incir, a tiny Turkish village on the Mediterranean. Here she is given a gift – a mirror enchanted with a love charm, made for the Greek god Hades. Desperate to know love, Tatyana uses the mirror’s power to force an ill-fated affair, setting in motion a curse to which she must sacrifice all, including her baby, Jié.

Sixteen years later, Jié Galt is a troubled girl, a scrappy London graffiti artist who needs a few extra quid to buy paint. Ignorant of the mirror’s history, she steals it from her adoptive parents, who had hidden it away.  Now Hades is once again seeking deadly retribution. 

Praise for The Turkish Mirror:

"The Turkish Mirror is captivating, imaginative and beautifully written piece of magical realism. The characters and plot twist and turn, making it a real page-turner and I wanted to stay up all night to read it straight through, but the way she uses words made me want to slow down and savor phrases such as '...she continues in a voice soft as a misty spray of golden paint.' Congratulations to Lisa Murphy for a gripping first novel. "

Janet on

"The Turkish Mirror brings ancient myth into the challenged lives of modern women. You are transported into the past, present, and future all at the same time in this intricate and enthralling story. This is definitely a book you will keep so you can share it with your friends and discuss at length ."

Ann on

" The themes of human courage, strength and imperfection were inspired by the great works from our ancient past. The author makes wonderfully effective use of unusual words, multiple languages, argot, art and somehow also mixes in dashes of humor. The tale moves at a fantastic pace; tension builds as a mythological menace poises to strike. The adventure kept me up late! I really couldn't sleep until I knew the ending."

Roger on 

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The Wyrmstone

Life & death fantasy gaming and dragons unleashed.

I, Mimi Jovel, inherited The Wyrmstone. Too magnificent to give away, too deadly to keep. I thought I had troubles before: my parents dead, two brothers to raise, Child Protective Service after us, and adult-sized bills to pay. Now we are hunted by an eight hundred year-old sorcerer who has entangled us in a dragon war. Dragons and sorcerers, in case you were wondering, are wily, conniving, nasty, creatures.

But there's hope. My brother Justin is an avid Age of Dragons gamer who makes all  his decisions by rolling a twenty-sided die. My little brother Nicholi will only listen to his stuffed bear, Didoo. Three kids, a stuffed bear, and a handful of twenty-sided dice; we'll survive, just you see.

(Note to parents: appropriate for  late teens to adults, not intended for young children. Some references to sex  -- Mimi is 18 and has a boyfriend -- some alcohol, no drugs, there is fantasy violence involving swords & other magical weapons.)

Praise for The Wyrmstone: 

"It was like experiencing Dungeons and Dragons brought to life...cleverly conceived, and wonderfully written! I loved the suspenseful, complex, and interwoven characters."
ML on

" Ms. Murphy has a fine touch with character and plot, but also with language. She has a gift for the right detail, the evocative phrase, and the humorous situation that leave me as enchanted as the dragons of the Wyrmstone." 
C.J Wyckoff on

" I am personally not a fan of fantasy fiction but found this book engaging, accessible and hard to put down." 
Luna on

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