Murphy Ink

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 M. Carolyn Murphy was born in 1926 in Nashville, Tennessee, and was raised in Fairhope, Alabama. In the summer of 1955, she studied art at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, now located on the left bank in Paris. A mother of two and a third grade school teacher by profession, she wasn't able to practice her art seriously until she retired in the 1970s. Then she began throwing pottery on the wheel, which evolved into making clay sculpture.  She worked in her private studio, located in the Pacific Northwest, until her death at 85 years old.  She did not offer her works for sale.

                  M. Carolyn Murphy, artist for The Turkish Mirror.
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Jaewoo Kim was born in 1990 in  Je-chun, Korea. He notes," The reason why I started doing art work was that I had fun making animation in middle school." He is the author of several mobile games. He graduated from Korea Game Science High School in 2009, and is now in the Korean army doing his patriotic service.

                                 Jaewoo Kim, artist for The Wyrmstone.



by M. Carolyn Murphy

Carolyn said about this piece, “I had taken a course in Greek Myth and wanted to make one of the Goddesses. Persephone seemed particularly dramatic and real to me. What she represents is still meaningful; we forever have winter/summer/winter/summer . . .  and Persephone continues to live with Hades. She had to learn how to live underground, and she was only so successful -- like the rest of us. She is Spring, growth, flowers, and food, but Hades hangs over her head and creeps up on her from below, ready to drag her back into the underworld. 

 Medium: Low fire cone 04 white clay, glazed